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Wallace Howick is an award-winning author, educator and speaker. His first book, Love and Money: Conversations to Have Before You Get Married, won the Excellence in Financial Literacy Education –  Book of the Year Award. 

About Wallace M. Howick

40 Years in
Financial Services

Wallace is an accomplished financial professional with more than 40 years of experience in financial services. He is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and was elected a Fellow (FCPA) for his distinguished service to the profession.

Award Winning Author

Love and Money

“We all have money scripts we’re running. Some helpful. Some deeply destructive. Talking about the subject isn’t easy. ‘Love and Money’ is your essential guide to getting on the same page with your partner. It is a must-read guide for any couple.”

-Kelley Keehn, Personal Finance Educator & Award-Winning Author


Interviews & Awards

Wallace Howick is honoured to be recognized by some of the most credible organizations & publications around the world.

Excellence in Financial Literacy Award

Acceptance speech for the Excellence in Financial Literacy Education – Book of the Year Award

Interview with Globe & Mail

Q&A interview with Rob Carrick of the Globe & Mail

Interview with Wealth Professional

Interview with James Burton of The Wealth Professional

Mastering Money with CPA Canada

Mastering Money podcast episode with CPA Canada

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