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About Wallace M. Howick

Author, Educator, Speaker & CPA

Wallace Howick is an award-winning author and accomplished financial professional. He is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who was elected a Fellow (FCPA) for his distinguished service to the profession.

Wallace has over 40 years of experience in financial services, serving as a Partner in a global accounting firm and an Executive Officer in a large North American bank.  Wallace’s academic background includes earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) on full scholarship. 

He is a sought-after speaker and Harvard-trained negotiation and dispute resolution educator. For many years, Wallace has been a volunteer and contributor to financial literacy and financial capability outreach programs.

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About the book

Love and Money

Wallace draws upon his wealth of financial expertise in Love and Money. In June 2021, Love and Money was awarded the Excellence  in Financial Literacy Education –   Book of the Year Award by the  U.S. based Institute for Financial Literacy. 

In Love and Money, Wallace provides the tools so necessary for constructive conversations that give relationships a solid financial footing. Love and Money tackles finances head-on and is the perfect primer for any couple looking to enter a lifelong commitment together.

Uniquely, Love and Money is written as a series of eight conversations with a fictional couple, Michelle and Mark, and the reader is invited along. These conversations take readers through a range of relatable challenges, anxieties, and experiences, They then have the opportunity to explore, adopt and adapt what Mark, Michelle and the author have discussed, by using various aids and tools provided after each conversation entitled “Now It’s Your Turn”.

About the lessons learned

Financial Capability

In Love and Money, Wallace explores and expands our understanding of financial literacy and financial capability. 

“Financial literacy is certainly about the acquisition of skills, (for example numeracy) and financial knowledge (buy now, pay later) to make informed thoughtful decisions – in short, to become financially capable.

Yet financial capability requires more.”

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